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Getting Past the Bunny Slopes

February 1, 2010

ZOMG I LOVE SNOWBOARDING LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!11111111

The first time I went snowboarding was with my best friends, a few years ago, and surprisingly, I was not scared one bit. I climbed the bunny slopes and snowboarded down. I walked away without incident. Unfortunately, no one taught me how to properly snowboard, so I had been left in snowboard limbo ever since. Then, about a year ago, on a ski trip organized by Hong Kong Student Society, I decided to give snowboarding another shot. I will not go into the details, but I left that trip very frustrated and vowed never to step foot onto another snowboard ever again.

Lo and behold, I received another chance from the snowboard god. This time, I got smart and took a beginners course on how to snowboard at Mt. High; while the boyfriends ran off and played on the advanced slopes, us girls stayed in the bunny slopes area (a cute name for slopes that are basically for wussies). I learned a lot, especially about the most important thing: how to stop. After the hour-long class, I felt a bit more bold, ready to tackle a bigger slope! No more bunny slopes for me! This time, I’m tackling… the beginner slopes! One step at a time, right?

We have gone snowboarding at least two more times after that, and I’m hooked. I even bought myself a snowboard and gear to match!

Cute, eh?! 😀

I’m in love… with snowboarding! Just talking about it makes me miss my snowboard. I wish I could sleep with it like it was my teddy bear (now I know I’m going a bit too far). I’ve even moved on to intermediate slopes! Still, I need to work on my skills, because I still can’t S-curve my way down a slope just yet. I’ve been working on switching from heel to toe and vice versa, so one baby step at a time. I’m excited to go again! And, I can’t wait to take my snowboard up to Washington, and Canada, too. More on that, later. 🙂

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  1. August 4, 2010 2:39 am

    Good JOB! I love snowboarding too!

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